Revel Cycle

RRhythm I

Duration: 45 minutes
Intensity: Medium to High

Not quite full on like RRhythm II. Perfect for riders who are starting out indoor cycling; getting into the groove of upping stamina; and/or on days when your body prefers a class which is around 80% intensity of our Signature RRhythm II.

RRhythm II

Duration: 45 minutes
Intensity: High

Revel’s signature ride. RRhythm II is designed to give you an adrenaline high, burning up to 800 calories a class. Suitable for seasoned riders with a good level of fitness and strength. Relatively new riders, options will be provided to you in class.


RRhythm 60

Duration: 60 minutes
Intensity: High to Very High

This hour long class is for advanced and experienced riders only. Come join us! The vibe will. be. incredible.


Duration: 45 minutes
Intensity: High

No arms choreography, just plain riding. Designed to replicate the conditions of a cyclist on outdoor roads with natural terrain while riding to a killer playlist.

Community Class

Our newly minted instructors spent months training with our in-house trainer. They are ready to make their debut. Join their community classes at a special rate per class. Support them with your attendance, at the same time, allowing them to gain invaluable experience of teaching real classes with real clients. Shower them with encouragement and positivity! (Community classes are closed at the moment.)

As long as you have an active package with Revel (Trial excluded), get a Free Ride on your Birthday month! For more details, please approach front desk.