Revel Cycle

Late Policy

You are strongly encouraged to arrive 15 minutes early for class.

Use this time to settle in. Set up your bike and clip in when the instructor opens the Revel Door 7 to 8 minutes before class starts.

It is Revel Cycle’s policy to reserve the right to respectfully turn away riders who rock up one to two minutes prior, on the dot or latecomers. Late arrivals will not be able to have their class credit returned to their account.

At Revel, we want our riders to have a smooth class without any disruption. Late arrivals entering the Revel Room when class has begun, especially new riders who do not know the bike adjustment and clipping-in process, will distract and hold up the class.

Give the studio a ring if you’re running late at +65 6339 9339, chat with us on Telegram or email

Our late policy is stated on our website, around our studio space and in your booking email.

Revel protects our staff’s wellbeing and safety. The studio has zero tolerance to any form of verbal abuse or nasty attitude towards our staff. Kindly refrain from taking it out on the reception staff if one is refused entry. The Front of House staff is merely upholding studio’s Late Policy and doing his/her job with integrity to minimise class disruption.

We welcome only positive vibes within our studio space at all times. #bekind