Revel Cycle

Frequently Asked Questions

From buying credits to general queries, we have the answers. If you can't find what you're looking for below, contact for questions about our boutique studio and rides.

New to Revel? Start here.. Welcome! Our classes are suitable to all levels of fitness. Our instructors are trained to provide options during class and encourage our riders to listen to their body. Every so often, we offer workshops throughout the year. So please follow us on Instagram and check our schedule our website and our Revel Cycle App for updates regularly!

House rule number one: Arrive 10 to 15 minutes before class starts. Riders who arrive 1 to 2 minutes before class, on the dot or latecomers may be respectfully turned away from entering the Revel Room.

To purchase Revel’s range of series, create your account on our website or Revel Cycle App, select a series of your choice and proceed to check out. Then you’re good to book a class!

On our website and App, sign into your Revel Cycle account, go to Reserve and from there you can book your classes easily.

Yes, you can! You shall be able to do so while you are booking your session. When selecting your bike, know that dark green spot means the bike is taken, light green means the bike is open.

All classes start and end on time. Particularly for our new riders, please, please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the session so you have ample time to set up your bike and clip in. We do not admit latecomers so as not to disrupt class.

Of course you can! Our Stagesbikes are SPD two-bolt and Look Delta cleats compatible.

Yes! We have sanitized indoor cycling shoes available for you. Please always wear socks with them. Shoes rental is complimentary. If you do not have socks with you, they are available for purchase at $2.50 per pair. Look Delta cleats are also available for purchase at $20 per pair.

As a safety precaution, once a class has started and our Revel Room is locked by our instructor, you won’t be able to enter the room. Please aim to arrive 10-15 minutes early.

To practice safety precautions and to respect the experience of our fellow riders, we ask that you only book a session where you know you can finish the experience from start to end (including post ride stretch/cool down). All  sessions starts and ends on time in order to respect your commitments outside our studio space.

There is a 12-hour window cancellation policy for the session booked.

A credit on your series will be deducted and charged a no show fee if the cancellation is done within the 12-hour window to the commencement of the class start time. Therefore, we encourage you to plan your schedule and availability to attend class accordingly.

Yes, there is. $20 and a class credit will be charged when there is a no show. Class capacity has been reduced due to social distancing and health safety protocol. Do kindly plan your attendance in consideration to other fellow riders.

No, please refrain from bringing your phone into the workout room.

Yes, we do. Amenities such as shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, gentle face cleanser, hair dryers etc are provided. The studio is also fitted with 2 changing rooms. Kindly request bath towels at the reception area.

Yes! Bike towels are provided for all classes, as well as bath towels for the shower room. Kindly request bath towels at the reception area. Towels are professionally laundered to ensure cleanliness for the well-being of our guests.

We provide lockers with automated coded locks for your use while your class is in commencement. Please know that we are not in any way responsible for any loss of your personal belongings while you are physically present in the studio.

Your series package will be activated on the date of your series purchase.

We do not provide refunds on series credits and they are non-transferable. We do not provide refunds for retail merchandise. An one time exchange is allowed for apparel/merchandise purchases, unworn and unused with tags attached, within 10 days from the date of purchase together with a proof of receipt.

Kindly reach out to us by email at should you experience an injury, medical condition or pregnancy. Please include your doctor’s note in your email to request a series package freeze. All requests will be reviewed by us on a case by case basis and are subject to approval. The freeze period can only be of 2 months maximum. In the case  where your doctor’s recommendation is for you to take a longer break, the studio will provide you the option to transfer your series package to another guest at an administration fee of $20.

Our classes are a go ahead with a minimum of 2 riders in each class. If there is only 1 rider in attendance 1 day before class commences, Revel Cycle will reach out to the affected rider by WhatsApp text and email to notify him/her on the impending cancellation of class.

You can choose to purchase class credits at Revel via GrabPay, earning Grab Points at the same time. Simply complete your transfer and email or WhatsApp text us a screenshot of your successful transaction.

GrabPay transfers are accepted for all class credits - Standard, Student, Membership subscriptions and Community Class. For 30-Days and/or 90-Days Unlimited Membership subscriptions - if you’d like to purchase via GrabPay, an one-time payment of the membership’s full value is required.

Please include your full name, mobile number and chosen class pack for us to create a Revel account for you.

Our bikes are equipped with the official Stages pedals. They are designed to be very secure for the rider’s safety, so that your shoes will not accidentally clip off during sprints and/or to prevent you from falling off the bike during class. Come in early to learn the technique of clipping on and off Stages Pedals from our friendly instructors or Front of House. Once you get it, it’s super easy!

As long as you have an active package with Revel (Trial excluded), get a Free Ride on your Birthday month! For more details, please approach front desk.